• diner deluxe (breakfast) (edmonton trail)
  • country kitchen (breakfast) (edmonton trail)
  • eat! eat! (lunch) (9th ave SW)
  • spolumbo's (lunch) (9th ave SW)
  • boogie's burgers (lunch/supper) (edmonton trail)
  • hose & hound (lunch/supper) (9th ave SW)
  • peter's drive-in (lunch/supper) (16th ave NW)
  • tubby dog (lunch/supper/late night) (17th ave SW)
  • james joyce (lunch/supper) (8th ave SW)
    • there is one on 24th ave SW, but it sucks)
  • fiore (dinner/lunch) (17th ave SW)
  • chianti (dinner/lunch) (17th ave SW)
  • rocky's (lunch ONLY - open M to F 11-3) (off blackfoot)
  • the coup (lunch/dinner) (17th ave SW)
  • fleur de sel (fancy dinner) (4th st SW)
  • l'epicerie (lunch) (1st st SE)
  • farm (supper) (17th ave SW)
  • pulcinella (supper) (kensington)
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