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what will the flower petals answer to me?

alli follows:


  • 4 things | bucketfulloffandom
    • Doyoung and Jaehyun are several things.



  • baby, you're the best | jihan
    • At this high school, Jaehyun is a hockey player and Doyoung is his melodramatic boyfriend.
  • bliss | jelly_spine
    • Jaehyun is counting down the days till the end of the world but Doyoung's tights are horribly distracting.
  • breakout piece | sweetkpopfan
    • Doyoung is a rookie reporter for the Seoul Times struggling to find his breakthrough piece. He tries to get an interview with Jung Jaehyun, CEO and model of his own company and is instantly whisked away to a new world of money, fame, glamour and sex.
  • bus 167 | dowoos
    • The thing that Doyoung liked about taking the bus rather than the subway was that it was slower. He could see the scenery outside as well as the people on the roads. He liked the buses with two levels. His favorite seat was the left side of the front row on the second level. He could see the people on the streets looking tiny as ever below him. The best part was, no one ever sat next to him.


  • castling | minhyukwithagun
    • “There are no vampires in Rookswood.” Johnny’s smiling slightly. It’s an unfinished smile, like a house without a roof - it’s got everything it should have but it’s missing that core element that makes it whole.
    • “What about Jaehyun, then?” His name is an anchor on Doyoung’s tongue.
    • Johnny doesn’t stop smiling. “Why, he’s our neighbour, of course.”
  • come with me, my love | spicyboyfriend
    • Jung Jaehyun, he thought again while he watched Doyoung lift a mini pitcher of cream, his lips parting as he asked Jaehyun a question, deal with the pain for moments like these. Please. Bear the pain of this in exchange for the smile on Kim Doyoung’s face.


  • even paradise has an expiration date | pududoll (aprilclash)
    • In Jaehyun's little paradise, it doesn't matter if Doyoung's poisonous flowers have taken over the house, if rain is clogging the Floo Network or if Jaehyun keeps tripping on slimy tentacles in the foyer. Doyoung smiles at him and it's enough. (Or, the HP au in which Jaehyun comes home every night to his herbologist boyfriend and no one wants to talk about their job.)
  • extra cheese | yooodles
    • Doyoung wasn’t even supposed to do deliveries, but seeing as he was the only left here tonight, it looks like his odds of getting out of this one weren’t looking all that bright.


  • final | chipsandwaffles
    • Doyoung wants nothing more than for the name on his wrist to stop changing.
  • folded page corners | winterheats
    • what happens when doyoung tries to get the last copy of a book from an attractive stranger



  • hug me (and never let me go) | jaehyunizer
    • Jaehyun and Doyoung can't come into terms with their feelings into everyone around them gets hurt.


  • it's almost blue | minhyukwithagun
    • university takes four years before it's over and it takes Jaehyun and Doyoung four years before it even begins


  • love divine, all love excelling | stillinscry
    • jaehyun is new to town and dongyoung is the most angelic altar boy he's ever laid his eyes on. (alternatively titled: spicy church boy doyoung)
  • love for sale | sweetkpopfan
    • Doyoung joins a charity auction as a one-week boyfriend, and contending for him is Doyoung’s asshole ex-boyfriend Kun, and that handsome rich playboy Jaehyun.
  • lovebites | mouthbites
    • jaehyun has a thing for doyoung's neck.


  • practice and theory | synthetica
    • Doyoung considers himself a moral person, he really does. He’d die before he’d say anything to anyone that a patient has told him in confidence, something that could trace back to them, or any details of a session. No exceptions, no slip-ups, no compromises – but sometimes, the rest makes him feel like he’s going to explode.
    • sequel: point of view and vision
    • Time and time again, no matter how stupid Jaehyun finds it, no matter how ridiculous he feels, he’s always played Doyoung’s games. He can’t help himself.


  • show me and i'm all yours | minmoongi
    • Doyoung would rather not ever acknowledge his feelings (like, ever), but he is going to have to at one point or another.
  • still with you | jaehyunizer
    • Doyoung thinks he's in love but he isn't sure whom.
  • study rewards | sweetkpopfan
    • Jaehyun has to pass math, or risk being kicked off the basketball team. His professor assigns him a tutor named Doyoung, who happens to be very handsome and he has to come up with ‘incentives’ that will guarantee Jaehyun passes math.
  • sweet as sugar | sweetkpopfan
    • Doyoung thinks his new neighbour is the sweetest thing ever.


  • take it slow | sweetkpopfan
    • Doyoung has successfully refused Jaehyun’s advances for a whole year. Jaehyun knows that Doyoung has a family wedding coming, and he is about to make him a deal that Doyoung would be an idiot to refuse.
  • to whom shall i pray to | angelsmaydie
    • The irony is that Doyoung is a god who receives prayers but who could never utter one.
  • the sheets don't smell like you anymore | tostitos
    • Dongyoung is planning his and Taeyong's wedding all by himself and he wonders if it's worth it to stay with a man who's never around.
  • type | halcydonia
    • in which jaehyun is a horrible (but adorable) liar, academic fraud is committed in exchange for a mattress, and dongyoung just really needs a cup of coffee.
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