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we have not touched the stars, nor are we forgiven

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  • sunsets! the sky is blushing right above our head!
  • red rose bushes, bees buzzing, the scent overwhelming
  • delicate kisses/touches
  • libraries, the quietness of it, all the histories and stories
  • PUPPIES. puppies in daylight. puppies in meadows. puppies smiling. PUPPIES.
  • evening sun spilling through the windows/curtains
  • bright colors, warm colors, everything bursting with life
  • foggy, rainy mornings, thunderstorms waking me up
  • the sound of waves rebelling against rocks
  • but also waves breaking into soft foams against sand
  • looking at the distant mountains surrounding my town
  • the smell of coffee
  • scribbling poetry on my palm
  • the chaotic, endless night sky with constellations and moonlight
  • the moon in all its silvery glow & magical glory !
  • a calm sea
  • wildflowers
  • the sight of my mother sipping her jasmine tea every morning
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