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everything i love. everything that is so beautiful that i feel like crying. and often do so.

  • standing on a mountain, the sun is shining and i can see nothing but mountains
  • memories of my vacation in 2008
  • live version of "shimmer" by fuel
  • meet & greets with sandy
  • waterfalls
  • things with water in general (fountains, lakes etc)
  • thirty seconds to mars live
  • seeing a musical that i've known for so long and always wanted to see
  • moments with my dad
  • pirates of the caribbean
  • lord of the rings
  • seeing my favourite musical actors on stage
  • wicked (defying gravity)
  • hinterm horizont and the whole cast
  • dancing and being as free as you want to be
  • lying in bed and just listening to really good music, thinking about absolutely nothing else
  • being absolutely captured into another world by a book and having all the time in the world to stay in this world
  • showing the world the talent that i have
  • working to make my dreams come true, even if it's just little things
  • the shades of magic trilogy
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