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  • i have an intact family, a roof over my head, enough to eat and enough money to buy myself things i like
  • even though my birth was very hard and the docotor said i would be paraplegic, i can live a normal life today and except for a hollow-back it did not cause anything else
  • i sing in a band for more than five years now and we are well-known in our city
  • my life is in my own hands - i can go where i want and do what i want
  • it did not even really started yet. i only got out of school and this is only the beginning
  • i realised i do not need a boyfriend or need to be in love to be happy
  • at the end of my life i want to die happy, knowing that i have achieved everything that i wished for - and that is why i try to live my life to the fullest every day
  • music
  • people, that are there for me. some people give me hope, even though they do not know i exist. they make me stronger in my everyday life.
  • i realised that the key to happiness is taking chances.
  • parents are parents, they just are annoying sometimes, any other relation to them is just strange. but mine just support me where they can, they accept what i want to do in the future.
  • i have a hobby which i love to do, which i do since i am a little child and which i also think i am quite good in. and it is also something i aspire to do in my future.
  • i have the chance, the support and the talent to fulfill my dreams and become a musical-actress
  • i am a physically healthy person
  • i am living in vienna, doing my best to fulfill my dreams
  • i'm still being super supported by my parents after all this time
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