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for all the times that i feel sad and i wanna do something about that!

  • make lists
  • bake
  • read books (might reread the following:)
    • the archived, graceling realm trilogy, shades of magic trilogy
  • watch youtube videos
  • sing
  • dance
  • listen to music
  • watch tv shows (especially the following:)
    • outlander, sailor moon, smash, doctor who
  • workout
    • zumba, yoga, bodypump, stretch
  • eat
    • chocolate, things with lots of cheese, cakes & cookies, nutella
  • tumblr
  • write things (NOT on the pc)
  • take a long and hot shower
  • look at old photos
  • watch movies (especially the following:)
    • pirates of the caribbean, pride & prejudice, lord of the rings, hook, enchanted, the little mermaid, the holiday, ratatouille
  • drink a nice cup of tea
  • if there is snow outside: take a walk
  • if you're tired/exhausted: take a nap but get up if you won't fall asleep after some time
  • pinterest
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feb 24 2017 +