from latest watched to oldest watched. as you may be able to tell, i do not watch dramas often; i only began in 2020. this is because my attention span abhors me. i do have a lengthy plan-to-watch list and a friend who actively persuades me (in fact, a good chunk of these are her recommendations), so i will hopefully be able to get my game on in the near future. i only list the ones i have finished every episode of—assume for every season, unless stated otherwise. the ratings may seem cruel, but my system is just quite lenient on its own: anything around 7 is a solid 'good', an 8 is a 'great', and a 9 or above is a piece of art.

  • age of youth (2016 - 2017)
    • 10/10 - season one
    • chaeyoon recommended
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jul 23 2022 +

once again, i don't watch shows and movies that much, especially outside of mainstream (re: the ones my mom drags me to the movie theater to watch with her). the rating system follows the same as the k-dramas. i have watched every marvel movie, so i won't list them all here. i am, however, still working through the marvel shows, so those will be recorded here to help me keep track. again, i only list the ones i have fully completed unless stated otherwise.

  • everything everywhere all at once (2022)
    • united states
    • 10/10
      • date finished : 220913
  • rush hour 2 (2001)
    • united states
    • 8.5/10
may 1 2022 ∞
sep 14 2022 +
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from newest to oldest:

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aug 25 2022 +

ultimate trinity:

  • mizuguchi yuto (u), onf
    • 990326
    • too much talent and wit in one little body; 1/2 of my favorite idol dancers to ever grace the industry
  • kim bora (sua), dreamcatcher
    • 940810
    • everything about her is worthy of being worshipped; 1/2 of my favorite idol dancers to ever grace the industry
  • seon yein (sunyoul), up10tion
    • 961106
    • a voice to ring through the decades to come; the most determined and hardworking person i've ever encountered

a motley arrangement—a small portion of the list—of others who have made my he...

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may 26 2022 +

ultimate loves:

  • goodnight moon (erin)
  • atlas asmr (ollie)

and more—from the ones i've been with since the dawn of their channel, to the ones i discovered anew:

  • gibi asmr
  • latte asmr
  • gentle whispering asmr
  • asmrsurge
  • angelica
  • visualsounds1 asmr
  • ephemeral rift
  • marno asmr
  • jingle jangle asmr
  • amy kay asmr
  • white rabbit asmr
  • atmosphere
  • let's find out
  • noah asmr
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