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I love Dwight Frye more than anything else. <3

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I’ve got a lot of characters I ID with, but mostly it’s:

  • Renfield (Dracula 1931)
  • Vanellope von Schweetz (Wreck-It Ralph)
  • Negasonic Teenage Warhead (Deadpool)
  • Creepy Susie (The Oblongs)
  • Hotaru Tomoe (Sailor Moon)
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  • Renfield “Ren”
  • 27 years old (Feb. 14)
  • she/her
  • schizoaffective disorder, BPD, and severe anxiety
  • atheist/skeptic
  • positive thinker
  • costuming and fursuiting enthusiast
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  • animation
  • animatronics
  • Big Mouth Billy Bass
  • bunnies
  • classic film
  • classic horror
  • creepy characters
  • Disney
  • Dwight Frye
  • fursuiting/costuming
  • Halloween/autumn
  • industrial, New Wave, and krautrock
  • kid horror (Goosebumps, etc.)
  • makeup and fashion
  • occult imagery
  • slasher films
  • Speavy
  • stuffed animals
  • traditional goth
  • trolls
  • ugly fictional men
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  • I take a lot of anxiety and mental health medicine and usually I’m pretty woozy because of it.
  • I’m exhausted a lot and can’t follow through with a lot of stuff. In fact I can barely finish this listography, lmao
  • I don’t like interacting with anyone for long periods of time. I oftentimes don’t respond right away and sometimes won’t respond until I’m mentally ready for it.
  • (in short, I’m very mentally drained mostly and I just can’t function like many people can.)
  • I can’t stand cringe culture. I fully support people liking what they like without being made to feel embarrassing.
  • I’m a very skeptical person. Very much a passionate atheist, although I do not shame religion much as I have friends from many of them who worship God/gods. All I...
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  • Itabag Base
  • Itabag Fabric/Collage Insert
  • Speavy daki image
  • Speavy tsum


  • Speavy plush
  • Speavy keychains A
  • Speavy keychains B
  • Speavy necklace
  • Speavy buttons A


  • Speavy Button B
  • Speavy Button C
  • Speavy Charm
  • Speavy Itabag Plush (Pita)
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My fictional others list is the hundreds. I can not name all of them, so I’m not gonna try! However, this dude is my absolute number one:

His name is Speavy and he’s from a movie called Sky Bandits, from 1940. He’s a bitter scientist who develops death rays in his spare time, when he’s not taking care of his pet rabbit. I highly recommend watching this cheesy ass movie, if only so everyone knows why I adore and worship the ground he walks on.

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