social media:

  • twitter: @sunintheskydest
  • pintrest: dymemite


  • steam: cirsmun
  • discord: cirsmun#1871
  • flight rising: swoobat
  • spotify: cirsmun


  • final fantasy XIV: fae chiffon at sargatanas (main), kinsue sagi at zalera
  • granblue ID: 19291441
  • king's raid: dymemite
  • puzzle and dragons ID: honestly can't remember right now but i'll get back to this

general rules for social media:

  • don't follow of you're alt-right, a terf, and/or into incest/pedophilia/bestiality/etc.
  • just don't be weird i think?
  • not because of horny on main reasons but because of mature language in likes sometimes, only follow if you're 18+ (applies to twitter)
  • softblock me if you want to break mutuals (applies to twitter)
oct 6 2018 ∞
dec 25 2018 +