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hi, i'm bean! she/her. 21.
sometimes i write.

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currently in promptis hell; occasionally dipping back into sportsani fandoms, attempting to branch out to bnha.

here's what i'm good at:

  • fluff (cuddles, mostly sleepy cuddles)
  • hurt/comfort
  • character study/introspection
  • plotless, subtle things
  • canon-compliant or post-canon (ie, college)
  • established relationship
  • undefined. as in, queerplatonic, questioning, ace-spectrum characters
  • starting fics and never able to keep to a schedule, i'm sorry


  • promptis ficlet collections
  • a few rin-centric ao no exorcist wips
  • long-ass tddk; attempt at plot and ensemble cast
may 1 2016 ∞
sep 26 2018 +
  • all the fluff
  • if you put in kuroken as a side pairing, you have me
  • angst is my guilty pleasure
  • slow burn is my angsty pleasure?
  • give me that friendship/team bonding
  • hurt/comfort
  • AUs involving ~magic~
  • particularly urban fantasy/magic realism
  • multi-chaptered fics for AUs
  • character study/introspection; i love exploring a character or headcanon
  • did i mention headcanon?? i love headcanons about characters, universes, plotlines, theories, pls discuss with me
  • i really love reading theories and analysis on characters and shows, it's v rewarding as much as it's fury-causing
may 2 2016 ∞
sep 26 2018 +

i used to go by milktea in my fandom circles; i'm now bean! my users are usually earlgrey_milktea or puddingcatbae.

  • 21 yrs, aquarius
  • currently residing in west coast canada
  • born in taiwan; 中文OK, but rusty
  • literally always online, reach me @twitter or tumblr
  • trying to improve writing by experimenting/exploring, feel free to send in prompts?? or constructive criticism??
  • very smol and quiet, sometimes gets anxious
  • i love making friends, feel free to talk to me!
  • play splatoon2 with me!!

likes + stuff

  • cats are v important to me
  • so is food
  • big sweaters + beanie hats + wristbands/b...
may 2 2016 ∞
sep 26 2018 +
  • light up sneakers
  • cute knee-highs
  • new shoes
  • someone to fund my college tuition holy fuck
  • nice long comments on my fics!!
  • dare i say... art... inspired by my fics...??
  • more hq merch
  • more anime merch in general
  • all the tsums. all of them.
  • more confidence in speaking out loud
  • a tattoo?
  • a skateboard but i'd need to learn how to skateboard first
  • new cute bags
  • a trip to japan
  • world peace ahhaahahahahhaa
  • more friends (:
  • new bracelets bc i've lost/destroyed all of my current ones
jul 3 2016 ∞
jan 11 2018 +
  • mayday 五月天 (i love them so much,,)
  • crowd lu 盧廣仲 (take me to see him live and i'll love you forever)
  • galileo galilei
  • marianas trench
  • parachute
  • lee hi
  • 滅火器 fire ex
  • a-mei 張惠妹
  • a-lin
  • lala 徐佳瑩
  • jiajia 家家
  • weibird 韋禮安
  • fang wu 吳汶芳
  • bii
  • tyler shaw
  • shawn hook
  • scott helman
  • shi shi 孫盛希
  • ricky xiao 蕭煌奇
  • hebe tien
may 2 2016 ∞
sep 26 2018 +


  • i want these chocobros to be safe and happy always
  • promptis soothes my soul
  • let noctis rest
  • let these kids rest
  • luna deserves better. if square won't give her that, the fandom will
  • we don't talk about altissia


  • krkn + bkak
  • but i'm a sucker for team dynamics
  • seijoh third years friendship, i'd sell my soul for that shit
  • @ me with ur matsuhana
  • protect yachi hitoka at all costs, she is smol and anxious, and not very Straight™, like me
jan 29 2016 ∞
jan 11 2018 +