anime: ( planning to watch )

  • michiko & hatchin (2008)
  • kakegurui (2017)
  • the promised neverland (2020)
  • ghost in the shell (1995)
  • akira (1988)
  • trigun (1988)


  • mind games by teri terry
  • of fire and stars by audrey coulthurst
  • ash by malinda lo
  • miles morales: spiderman by jason reynolds
  • batman: nightwalker by marie lu
  • all out: the no longer secret stories of queer teens throughout the ages by saundra mitchell
  • birthday by meredith russo
  • the blind earthworm in the labyrinth by veeraporn nitiprapha (tr. kong rithdee)
  • salt slow by julia armfield
  • disfigured: on fairy tales, disability and making space by amanda leduc
  • ghostland: an american history of haunted places by colin dickey
  • tin man by sarah winman
  • a dowry of blood by s.t. gibson
  • open water by caleb azumah nelson
  • my lovely wife by samantha downing
  • the seven husbands of evelyn hugo by taylor jenkins reid
  • the power by naomi alderman
  • beyond the ruby veil by mara fitzgerald
  • the lathe of heaven by ursula k. le guin
  • descendant of the crane by joan he
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