• you fit basic dni criteria.
  • are a truscum/transmed, terf/radfem/"gender critical", or support any of these groups ideals.
  • think pansexuality is the same as bisexuality, aphobe, and/or think nonbinary people do not exist/are nonbinary skeptical.
  • police people's pronouns: think lesbians who use pronouns other than she/her don't exist, think gay men who use other than he/him don't exist, think nonbinary people can only use they/them, or are against neopronouns.
  • if you are ableist, anti-anti, right-wing, bi/pan lesbian supporter, believe in "reverse oppresion" (heterophobia, cisphobia, racism against white people), or pedo/zoo/necrophilia supporter.
  • you are a nsfw account.
  • use slurs you cannot reclaim.
  • do not support ACAB/support cops.
  • support irredeemable media [yansim, hazbin hotel, attack on titan, etc].
  • you are an william afton/henry miller apologist. these two are abusers and anyone who ignores their actions or h0rnyposts about them is getting blocked.
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