• I work for Nintendo as a Nintendo Experience Specialist (NES)
  • I've met the mayor of my city
  • I currently have 17 medals to my name
  • I qualified for an academic world championship in Kuala Lumpur
  • I have a crested gecko named William/Willy
  • My goal in life is to eventually make 60,000 CAD a year, specifically because that's what my parents make combined. I'd like to grow past them and make them proud.
  • My goal career which I am actively studying for is Astronomer! Or maybe astrophysicist depending on the job market.
  • I am a member of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada
  • I have been a representative for the World Health Organization's Youth Council and successfully had a bill passed for accessible sex education.
  • I dream of having a St. Bernard one day
  • One of my biggest passions other than Nintendo is Chicken Smoothie. I currently run an ever-growing Discord server for the site, and a Newspaper as well! The member count for those two projects combined is around 1700 people.
  • My entire kitchen is lemon-themed
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