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Slowly we unfurl
As lotus flowers
And all I want is the moon upon a stick
Dancing around the pit
Just to see what it is
I can't kick the habit
Just to feed your fast ballooning head
Listen to your heart

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Audrey music (Seen Live)
kaitlin notes (wedding venues I like)
notes (wishlist)
films (too see)
to do (2016)
  • Wild Bill Lake hike (0.8 miles)
  • Timberline and Gertrude Lakes (9 miles)
  • Hellroaring Plateau (6 miles)
  • Glacier Lake (4 miles)
  • Moon Lake (7 miles)
  • Woodbine Falls ( 1.5 miles)
  • West Rosebud Trail to Mystic Lake (7 miles)
oct 10 2015 ∞
oct 10 2015 +