• emily
  • 19 y/o; oct. 3
  • she/her
  • la, california --> eugene, oregon

fun facts

  • i go to the university of oregon and am in the marching band
  • i was the co section leader for my clarinet section in band
  • i am almost legally blind and wear glasses at all times
  • i met david duchovny and cried in front of him
  • i also met panic! at the disco and have a photo and signed poster to commemorate the event (i did not cry in front of them)
  • i met my favorite actor and one of my favorite people of all time jake gyllenhaal and have a selfie to commemorate that event too and fortunately did not cry until after
  • i have a cat and a dog whom i love dearly
  • i have strange food eating habits that people like to make fun of (ex. i take the cheese off my pizza, eat an apple starting from the top and spiraling downwards)
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