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I like lists. They let me be lazy.

joie follows:

not necessarily a list of resolutions, but a list nonetheless dude:

  • Attend meetings for the Tufts Canon
  • Read two books a month (read a few pages every day)
  • Write a letter to at least one person once a month
  • Actually I would prefer to write a letter once a day, but I don't know if I could handle that commitment
  • Write three pages in a little notebook once a day
  • Every time I feel like refreshing Facebook or Tumblr, read a few pages of a book instead
  • Find an event to go to once a week while on campus, or if there is nothing interesting, invite people to do things, be it going out or watching a movie or just chilling
  • Submit writing to literary journals; see where that takes me
  • Get involved in the Women's Centre
  • Learn Japanese please
  • Write a short book review for every book I read
  • Review the fanfiction too, because what the heck
  • Compliment people more
    • And mean it
jan 1 2013 ∞
jan 6 2013 +