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we die as your hours do, & dry away, like to the summer’s rain; or as the pearls of morning’s dew.

englishpearl follows:
  • Anthology (n) a published collection of pieces of writing, particularly poetry
  • Darling (adj) beloved, charming; (n) an affectionate form for one who is beloved
  • Endearing (adj) inspiring love or affection
  • Enigmatic (adj) mysterious, inexplicable
  • Epiphany (n) a moment of sudden revelation, insight or inspiration
  • Fracture (n) the cracking &/or breaking of a hard object or material; the replacement of a simple vowel by a diphthong owing to the influence of a following sound, particularly a consonant; (v) cause to break
  • Idiom (n) a group of words established by usage, whose meaning is not deducible from the words' individual meanings; a characteristic mode of expression in culture, particularly music & art
  • Melancholy (n) a deep, pensive, & long-lasting sadness
  • Onomatopoeia (n) the formation of a word acoustically similar to the concept they denote
  • Pearl (n) a hard, lustrous spherical mass; a precious thing; (v) form pearllike drops
  • Personify (v) represent a quality or concept by use of human behaviour & form
  • Petrichor (n) the scent of fresh rain on dry earth or ground
  • Rhetoric (n) the art of effective &/or persuasive language
  • Serendipity (n) the chance occurrence &/or development of happy &/or beneficial events
  • Soft (adj) malleable; having pleasing quality involving subtlety, rather than sharpness &/or definition; sympathetic, lenient, compassionate; (adv) 'softly', often : weak, foolish
  • Symbiosis (n) mutually advantageous interaction between two different organisms
  • Voyuerism (n) derived from 'voyuer' : (n) a person who gain pleasure (often subconsciously; sometimes sexual) from seeing: nude strangers, strangers engaged in sexual activity, the pain or distress of others
  • Wanderlust (n) a strong desire or impulse to travel
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