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we die as your hours do, & dry away, like to the summer’s rain; or as the pearls of morning’s dew.

englishpearl follows:
  • 9 Crimes: Damien Rice
  • Back To December: Taylor Swift
  • Ballad Of Love & Hate, The: Avett Brothers, The
  • Both Sides, Now: Joni Mitchell (2003 Recording, Featured In ‘Dreamland’)
  • Call, The: Regina Spektor
  • Cave, The: Mumford & Sons
  • Clair De Lune: Claude Debussy
  • Enchanted: Taylor Swift
  • Forever Young: Youth Group
  • Hallelujah: Leonard Cohen (Original Recording); John Cale, Jeff Buckley & Rufus Wainwright, (To Name But A Few, Have All Recorded Covers)
  • Kiss From A Rose: Seal
  • Nantes: Beirut
  • Poker Face: Lady Gaga
  • Postcards From Italy: Beirut
  • Scientist, The: Coldplay
  • Sweet Dreams: Eurythmics
  • Time: Hans Zimmer
  • Your Song: Elton John (Original Recording); Ellie Goulding, Ewan Mcgregor, John Barrowman, Rod Stewart & The Streets, (to name but a few, have all recorded covers)
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