• i lovelovelovelove goth and mori styles!!
  • my favorite colors are olive green, beige, light pink and black~
  • im not a native speaker, so my english can be pretty broken sometimes. dont kill me for that pls
  • as much as i adore make up im terrible at it, i try anyway
  • ive been drawing since.. forever
  • im a femme! i luuuuv dresses and skirts and frilly things even tho i also love wearing large tees and big shorts... in a femme way
  • i love girls so much. any kind of girl. yall are MARVELOUS
  • im very nostalgic so its normal to see me constantly saying things like "omg summer 2015... good times"
  • i love vampires!!
  • im a self-proclaimed mori girl, and i love posting photos of my looks (sometimes)
  • i love cacti
  • i love cephalopods!!
  • i cuss a lot in pt-br . excuse my potty mouth
  • uh. i love summer and heat and i absolutely hate winter and cold
  • i have hereditary anaemia and i constantly do jokes about it (its not serious, it just sucks bc i cant run or go upstairs without losing my breath)
  • im veeeery shy even tho i love going out. idk how it works

thats it i guess

sep 10 2018 ∞
nov 24 2018 +