Take care of myself:

  • Diet
    • Practice mindful eating
    • Eat vegetables and fruits on a daily-basis
    • Eat out less often/choose "healthier" options
    • Eat smaller portions (portion control goes a long way)
    • Drink lots of water (the key to success)
  • Exercise
    • Get some form of exercise on a (near) daily-basis
    • Try different exercises/work-outs:
    • Yoga
    • Pilates
  • Sleep
    • Improve "sleep hygiene", get a consistent 7+ hours of sleep
  • Relax
  • Remember to de-stress

Stay productive:

  • Limit procrastination
  • Stay focused and limit distractions
  • Get in the habit of regularly reading about current events (local, national, international)
  • Read at least one novel each month
  • Write in journal at least once a week
  • Draw/sketch more often
  • Create more watercolor paintings
  • Experiment with different mediums
  • Experiment with various DIY projects
  • Attempt to cook new (more complex) meals/dishes


  • Work on self-confidence
  • Always strive to be better
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