kawoshin is literally my number one comfort, i can't stress this enough! these boys are so fucking important to me like. theyre so fucking important! this show has helped me through so much shit and these fucking boys. these boys. theyre so good so pure so great and i lov them! like how kaworu loves shinji unconditionally no matter what he does and how hes so perfect for shinji. hes the only one whos accepted shinji for who he is and didnt ask anything more from him and he didnt need anything else from him and how shinji hadnt felt this before and how kaworu was exactly what shinji needed at that time and how he was literally the perfect person and how they complete eachother perfectly and how theyre what they both need, theyre exactly perfect for eachother and hmngtjeniieugniure they make me wanna die and theyre also the only reason im alive at the same time i lov em i lov my boys so fucking much like!!!!!!!!!!!!!! theyre! theyre so special and so goo d and so great and honestly if i was ever in a relationship theyd be exactly what i want! theyre so! fuckin! good! and! pure! its 2017 and id still actually fucking kill myself for these boys to be canon

apr 15 2017 ∞
apr 15 2017 +