Main interests

  • A3!: Tenma, Kumon, Natsugumi oshi
  • Enstars: KaoruP, KanataP
  • Dream!ing: Yanagi and Yuma oshi
  • Hypmic: Ichiro, Buster Bros
  • B-Project

Others I’m interested in:

  • Idolish7
  • Idolmaster SideM
  • Tsukipara (mostly Tsukipro)
  • I-Chu

For animanga, I love JJBA! I also like a lot of other series and I’m looking for more manga to read, so feel free to recommend me some whenever. Pwease give me good josei and BL...

(Ship stuff)

  • My favorite pair is kanakao/kaokana! Expect many tweets/RTs about them.
  • I love and multiship many A3! ships, though I am biased towards tensaku, azakyu, and tasuazu!

I’m open to many ships and I love interesting content. It isn’t that deep and I wanna have a fun time

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