note: i don't tag pairings!! i only tag them as their respective groups and i don't tag the group if the post is focused on one person!! i usually use their real names!!

this might be edited because there are some that i might forget

  • trigger = !!!!!! this important if you are triggered by things such as rape/abuse/body horror/etc pls put this on your tumblr savior/blacklist!
  • ultimate = key of shinee (♡♡♡)
  • ultimate with his tv bae = kibum with arisa!!
  • queen = hyoyeon ♡
  • the baes = mamamoo my lovely darlings *v*
  • will we fight each other or will we fight together = [starts foaming on the mouth] [starts yelling] [heartbeat increases] v...vix...x...o....
  • text it = basically issues in the world + what ppl need to rlly know
  • personal = well... you know.... personal things i relate to etc...
  • amazing = things that even i find ridiculous and (as the tag says) amazing
  • indie = this is basically just audio. music i found and really like well it might not or be indie haha... ha...
  • otp = a mix of jaehwan/hongbin and luhan/chen!! haha kill me ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ
  • open the doors to hell = my uncensored voodoo doll mv hongbin tag, also known as the body horror, equivalent to my trigger tag. Punch My Face. also tags for hongbin and jongin looking.....haha.... [sweats nervously]
  • the witch bae = the beautiful actress in vixx's uncensored voodoo doll mv [heart eyes emoji]
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