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stream weird bed &/or yes please by joe hawley

rooster follows:

i’m rooster! i have other names i go by, but if you don’t have one for me, call me that!

  • i consider myself non-binary, please use they/them pronouns if you don’t already call me by something else!
  • ~ i would prefer to not be called girl/queen and things like that, however. they make me feel icky
  • autistic + not able-bodied
  • i’m 16 ^______^
  • gemini sun aries moon aqua rising
  • i have a boyfriend, his name is branden and i’m in love with him
  • chaotic neutral
  • infj-t

i Loav makin friendz, so feel free to message! sumtimez i’m not the best at conversation, but i promise i’ll try!

apr 12 2019 ∞
apr 18 2019 +