• healthcare reform - single payer preferred - but since it seems we must, work towards expanding coverage AND controlling costs. Changing incentives. Reigning in drug companies.
  • a strong welfare system, in the line of the Nordic system
  • closing the income gap. higher taxes on the wealthy as a step to prevent deficit spending; wage caps.
  • education - 1. controlling costs of higher education, and expanding grants/ interest free and easy to repay loans to ensure that students have equal opportunity to get a good education based on their merits. 2. dealing away with bullshit standardized learning programs. 3. ensuring that art, music, theatre, etc programs are financed
  • the arts - keep them afloat
  • a holistic approach to protecting the environment, with attention to existing green space and the protection of threatened species.
  • women's rights
  • shutting down factory farms.
  • more regulation in the financial sector.
  • immigrant rights
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