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I procrastinate enough on my own without having more reasons to do so, hence why I decided to make a Listography. I have a bad habit of taking notes and saving them in places where they either get lost easily or aren't accessible unless I'm in x location only. Hopefully this will help me have a neat place to write out ideas and goals for my various projects.

Lethe videogames (Current Releases to Consider)
videogames (2018 Progress Overview)
videogames (2017 Progress Overview)
to do (Shrine Maintenance)
videogames ("Recentl" Acquisitions, Plan to Play)

Everbloom / Fanlisting Collective

  • Finish the layout and pages.
  • Move fanlistings still at my old domain to the new one in proper subfolders.
  • Send in moved/closed forms for corresponding fanlistings.
  • Make sure every fanlisting has at least 1 code per general size. (50x50, 75x50, 100x50)
  • Continue revamping old fanlistings so the layouts don't make my eyes bleed anymore.

Ishiryoku / Main Domain

  • Possibly revamp the layout... or maybe improve the content. Something about it isn't sitting right with me.
  • List more projects on the upcoming page.
  • Remake the ugly link buttons or just list the gorgeous ones Emcy made me.
  • Poke more people to affiliate. Low key a ...
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  • Series Synopsis
    • Indepth Story
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