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I procrastinate enough on my own without having more reasons to do so, hence why I decided to make a Listography. I have a bad habit of taking notes and saving them in places where they either get lost easily or aren't accessible unless I'm in x location only. Hopefully this will help me have a neat place to write out ideas and goals for my various projects.

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Lethe videogames (Shopping List)
videogames (2023 Progress Overview)
videogames (To-Play List)
videogames (2022 Résumé)

Everbloom / Fanlisting Collective

  • Finish the layout and pages.
  • Move fanlistings still at my old domain to the new one in proper subfolders.
  • Send in moved/closed forms for corresponding fanlistings.
  • Make sure every fanlisting has at least 1 code per general size. (50x50, 75x50, 100x50)
  • Continue revamping old fanlistings so the layouts don't make my eyes bleed anymore.

Ishiryoku / Main Domain

  • Possibly revamp the layout... or maybe improve the content. Something about it isn't sitting right with me.
  • List more projects on the upcoming page.
  • Remake the ugly link buttons or just list the gorgeous ones Emcy made me.
  • Poke more people to affiliate. Low key a ...
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  • Series Synopsis
    • Indepth Story
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