i am generally a big fan of Romance and am easily convinced to approve of anyone with anyone, but even i have my biases. i'm sorry if they're questionable or just plain not good i'm very shy about sharing my opinions on the contentious beast that is Fictional Relationships

  • vld: keith and lance, hunk and pidge, lance and hunk
  • haikyuu: yamaguchi and tsukishima, hinata and kageyama, sugawara and kageyama, tsukishima and kageyama, tsukishima and hinata, nishinoya and tanaka, shimizu and yachi, hinata and kageyama and yachi, tsukishima and yamaguchi and yachi, hinata and kenma, kuroo and kenma, akaashi and bokuto, shimizu and sugawara, sawamura and sugawara
  • loz: link and zelda, especially in botw and skyward sword; zelda and mipha, zelda and midna, groose and being acknowledged in the post-skyward sword canon
  • fe: say'ri and tiki, eirika and l'arachel, silas and corrin, hinata and takumi, donnel and maribelle, lissa and maribelle, sully and sumia, stahl and sumia, eliwood and hector, gray and tobin, celica and mae, celica and alm, mae and boey
  • yyh: hiei and kurama, yusuke and hiei, shizuru and botan, yusuke and kuwabara, yukina and keiko
  • bnha: kirishima and bakugou, todoroki and yaoyorozu under very specific circumstances, yaoyorozu and jirou, midoriya and uraraka, midoriya and iida, iida and uraraka, midoriya and uraraka and iida, ashido and yaoyorozu, uraraka and asui
  • ace attorney: phoenix and miles, apollo and clay, apollo and klavier, maya and ema
  • ghibli: kiki and tombo, pazu and sheeta, san and ashitaka, san and eboshi
  • yj: wally and artemis, zatanna and raquel, m'gann and kaldur'ahm
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