IM FEDORAKERO AND WELCOME TO MY MINECRAFT DIRT HOUSE!! ✨ i'm a big komaeda stan, and much like komaeda, i wish to spread the light of hope even as my cursed memes cause despair to all those around me!

21 | f | intp | chaotic good | mild nsfw jokes sometimes, not explicit | blood marrows with @kimikeiki

my art account is here!

i draw and write, and i have a lot of OCs!! my biggest passion is my webcomic, a psychological occult story called The Web That Caught the Spider. my next biggest passion is vocaloid PVs: i wanna make a lot!

so for the most part, the three main things you'll see me tweet about are my webcomic, vocaloid, and various cute anime boys - nintendo and memes get mixed into that a lot as well

don't follow if:

  • u have trouble catching jokes n sarcasm
  • u will be upset when i randomly post about the incredibly unrelated topic that is south park
nov 20 2019 ∞
oct 5 2020 +