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i only know that summer sang in me
a little while, that in me sings no more

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  • bloom into you (THE FAVE OF ALL TIME!!!)
  • violet evergarden (i ignore the canon)
  • cardcaptor sakura/madoka magica/sailor moon aka the holy trifecta of magical girl anime
  • given (oh my god they were BANDMATES...)
  • our dreams at dusk
  • no. 6 (the og light novel series is superior)
  • doukyuusei
  • sasaki and miyano / hirano and kagiura
  • your lie in april
  • demon slayer (token influenced-by-my-brother anime)
  • spy x family (sorry)

currently reading/watching: kase-san and morning glories, neon genesis evangelion

to be read/watched: witch hat atelier, kids on the slope, land of the lustrous, skip and loafer

> i like slice-of-life & emotionally profound anime! (even better if its queer) lemme know if u have any recs!!

jul 5 2022 ∞
jul 5 2022 +