• Seelie of Approval : When it concerns Lumine, the Mini Seelie does work Aether would approve of.




  • The flower I saw bloomed that day : Albedo wonders, as obvious as the answer may be in hindsight, if the imitation of life was worthy of being called life itself... and if it was, then surely... somewhere inside him was a seed waiting to bloom into a flower this world called 'love'.
  • i wonder what it's like to be loved by you : “It's fascination,” he says, “scientific curiosity,” but Klee has told him before that liars are bad.
  • windwheel asters : Lumine doesn't expect her night to consist of confiding in Albedo, but here she is, doing just that.


  • Under fluorescence and candlelight : A series of Diluc/Lumine one-shots set in a modern au, where Diluc is the CEO of a multimillion business and Lumine is an artist / designer.
  • Blood under the Moonlight : This is the peculiar tale of Little Gold Riding Hood and the Big Red Wolf, where the most threatening force is not always immediately apparent.
  • wolfhooks and wineries : (chilumiluc) Diluc had expected to run across many dangers on this mission. But as he jogged past the ruined stone gate, he saw something he hadn’t prepared for.


  • fly, fly, firefly. : In which Zhongli watches a traveler hurtle out of the sky and realizes he might be picking up an easy paycheck.
  • Bated Breath : “Know this, Lumine. If there is ever a time where my words seem far too much for you to bear, I only implore you to remember this one thing. You need only ask and it will all stop.”
  • My Eternal Devotion : Inside the sacred shrine of a haven tucked away within the clouds, the last secret rendezvous between the sheltered high priestess who lives among the skies and a powerful god who resides in the lands below commences.
  • eternity’s paradox : every decade, the dragon demands a maiden sacrifice in exchange for its continued protection. this year, it's her turn.
  • 23 Amazing Date Ideas for the Guy Who’s Broke AF : Zhongli wants to take Lumine on a date, but his lack of funds proves to be a problem.
  • Under Liyue’s Sky : While enjoying his dinner at Third Round Knockout, Zhongli's attention falls to a young woman sitting in the table next to him. He cannot help but feel intrigued as they make conversation together.

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  • Paradoxical : "In which you think fleeing to a different city is an acceptable coping mechanism, and how the two most important men in your life prove you wrong in the most convoluted manner possible."


  • Could be Love : "It’s hard for you to pretend like you don’t care, while Kaeya has never cared before."
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