• drawing and painting still-life pictures/what I see (photorealistic art)
  • musical: self-taught pianist, picks up on new instruments quickly
  • good with computers and can type 100wpm.
  • i'm killer at maths and formal writing
  • not as good at creative writing but I'm still good
  • literate, articulate
  • golf and lawn bowls, randomly
  • i'm a dog magnet, i form stronger bonds with dogs than most people and i'm naturally tuned in to their behaviour and body language.
  • choosing and wearing outfits that make me look skinny
  • procrastinating and getting away with good results from a shitty last-minute effort
  • eating excessive amounts of junk food whilst stoned (and I mean excessive, at least 2000 calories in just a few hours) and somehow i'm not even overweight
  • i'm a pretty damn good driver
  • can sleep anywhere and through anything (I slept through the night on a park bench in the middle of winter once)
sep 19 2012 ∞
sep 19 2012 +