• Smoke pot more often
  • Drive while stoned
  • Steal pets from cruel/neglectful owners and keep them myself or find them a new home
  • Have like at least 50 dogs...
  • Raise a tiger cub and keep it as a pet
  • Shoplift/steal from rich ungrateful assholes
  • Download heaps more pirated shit
  • Text when i'm stopped at a red traffic light
  • Leave dog poo on other people's front lawns/gardens because it's just like fucking compost, come on
  • Torture anyone who's tortured animals
  • Grow and sell pot, force everyone to try it
  • Join a Fight Club and go on missions to explode banks and make the world a better place and other cool shit
sep 19 2012 ∞
sep 19 2012 +