• loud and obnoxious eating.
  • spitting.
  • bogan talk.
  • when my mother praises me with "good girl".
  • irresponsible pet owners.
  • when people spoil a movie or book for me.
  • religious people yabbering on about god and how wonderful he is.
  • pro-lifers/pro-life arguments.
  • arrogance/cockiness.
  • stay-at-home mums who think working women aren't good mothers.
  • the 'slut' label.
  • impatient/uptight customers
  • when kfc doesn't put enough salt on their chips
  • people who talk about being "depressed" when they're just sad for a day or two, which completely invalidates the people who are actually depressed. it is a mental illness that causes both mental and physical symptoms over an extended period of time, not just feeling sad for a while, you idiots.
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