• Travel the world
  • Donate
  • Buy shitloads of TV show boxsets
  • Online shopping spree at Desigual
  • Buy a Jacuzzi/pool
  • Buy a small/cheap house outright and do it up
  • Live near the beach
  • Buy lotsa drugsss and party ;)
  • Go skydiving whenever I want
  • Wander the streets downtown and give money to talented buskers
  • Build/start my own animal shelter
  • Sign up to heaps of different clubs/hobby groups
  • Attend concerts whenever I want
aug 17 2012 ∞
aug 17 2012 +
user picture starquake: The sad thing is that the most exciting thing on this list is the TV show boxsets. THAT WOULD BE SO AWESOME. aug 17 2012