• met my parents, got told by everyone how much we look/are alike
  • walked through my sanctuary, met Max the german shepherd, drove through the hills and met Matt and I's horse/pony friends
  • went to semaphore beach, walked along the jetty, had a chicken schnitzel pack with chips and gravy - moose approved!
  • got high together for the first time, hung out with Jack and Ty, drank alcohol too...
  • took Moose to my work and showed her our C57Bl/6J mice :)
  • caught the train to and from town together every day
  • spent the weekend at a vacation rental in victor harbor, walked across the horse tram bridge to granite island, took acid - THE MOOSE REALLY LET LOOSE...
  • had pancakes for dinner at the pancake kitchen
  • went skydiving from 8000ft
  • got a tattoo together on our backs - the word "parallel"
  • saw "The Fault in our Stars" in cinemas
  • watched Friends and Breaking Bad
  • cuddled my snakey/Eris, Rudie the obnoxious galah, Bolt the cat and Happy the rabbit.
  • lots of burping
  • lots of chips and gravy eating
  • lots of junk food eating in general - cadbury chocolate pwns hersheys btw
  • spent a weekend at the gold coast - went to dreamworld, rode on rides, yelled at strangers for laughing at a vomiting indian, watched Harry Potter 6 and drank UDLs, went to movie world, rode on rides, endlessly screamed EAT LEAVES, BAHSTAHHHHHHHHD.
jun 15 2014 ∞
jun 15 2014 +
user picture starquake: "THE MOOSE REALLY LET LOOSE" "yelled at strangers for laughing at a vomiting indian" I DIED, omg jun 23 2014
user picture starquake: What a great trip, though!