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  • Volunteering at the Animal Welfare League shelter
    • Omg. I cannot freaking wait. I've only been waiting for this for, oh, I don't know, YEARS.
  • Christmas pressies
    • Well, namely the moneyz I'll be getting from my parents
  • Getting my SACE results and Uni score
    • Getting accepted to Uni
      • STARTING Uni
  • Staying several nights at Victor Harbor with a small group of my friends for Jessie's 18th.
  • Rica might visit from Melbourne!
  • Getting a job
    • Moneyz!
    • Growing more confident
    • Getting over my social anxiety about having a job
  • Reading & finishing the Harry Potter series
    • (Again)


  • Seeing my favourite bands perform live
    • Coldplay Coldplay Coldplay Coldplay Coldplay Coldplay!!!
  • Improving my relationship with my dad
    • And possibly my half-brother, but less likely
  • Making real progress through my To-Be-Read list
  • Making new friends who share my passions and bring me out of my shell
  • Seeing a counsellor when I work up enough courage
    • Finding ways to improve/deal with my social anxiety and depression
  • Moving out so I can adopt and raise all the pets I desire!
    • 2-3 Dogs
      • 1-2 pugs <3
      • A german shepherd, who I will most likely name Toby.
    • 1-2 fun and cheeky cats!
    • Bearded Dragon lizard
    • Dwarf Rabbit
  • Being able to open my heart to someone and fall in love
    • Because I won't let anyone in
  • Meeting my Parallel Soul for the first time and finally being able to HUG her.
    • She's my best friend, but unfortunately lives on the other side of the world. :(
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