• Harley, my first love
  • Harley's older brother Matt who I am secretly infatuated with
  • Harley's mum and little brother Braydon, and older brother Shayne.
  • Richard, lives with Harley and Matt and is the owner of the house. Also one of Harley's mother's ex-boyfriends... awkward?
  • Babette and Rosetta, my boss and chef at the cafe I worked at/my first job.
  • Mariah, my best friend who I had only known on the internet until my trip to America.
  • Mariah's wonderful family: her mum, dad, and two sisters
  • Mariah's awesome friends Shelbie and Andie
  • Steph, Lana, Leah, Sonia, Eloise and Carly: All classmates in my tafe course who I at least ocassionally speak to and hang with. Most of them are several years older than me :(
  • Louise and Philip, the owners of the boarding kennel I currently work at. Delightful dog-loving people.
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