• i could research dog psychology and clicker training and then when I gain enough knowledge and money i would open up my own "Doggy Dancing" Studio; like a dog obedience school with normal classes but then also a doggy dancing class. Owners would bring their dog no matter how small/big/smart/dumb, and we would train them and their dogs to coordinate a short doggy dancing routine together. Doggy dancing is an entertainment sport/hobby using widely accredited clicker training to coordinate both simple or more advanced dance routines with your dog to music. Instead of training these owners to enter competitions, I would just teach doggy dancing as a way to enrich both them and their dog's lives not only because it's FUN for the both of them, but also because of how much bonding, cooperation and trust this sport requires and builds on. It will stimulate the dog's mind and he will grow a deep respect for their owners and their leadership & positive guidance. It will make people realise just how intelligent, obedient and loyal ALL dogs of ALL ages can be with enough time, patience and dedication.
  • as a secondary income I could breed really good quality (both physically and temperamentally) purebreds OR mutts. Or because there are already so many dogs needing to be adopted from shelters at much cheaper prices, I could breed pythons instead. They are in quite high demand. I'm on a waiting list for a diamond hatchling python right now. Won't get my snake baby until february. I wouldn't just get good money from it, but I would be able to really extend my knowledge about snakes and their physiology/psychology, so it would be an enjoyable hobby for me.
  • and maybe I could write my own book about dog psychology and/or a simple beginner's guide to doggy dancing and basic clicker training.
  • i could start my own boarding kennel business. But it would be on ACRES of land out in a rural farm area (but in the adelaide hills for cooler temperatures). They would live like farm dogs, with like 50 square meters of yard space each, plus shelter and kennels. The only problem would be to prevent worms and other parasite infections. They would definitely have to be vaccinated with a C5. Mowing would also be a bitch.
  • hahahaha I'm so ambitious when I'm blazed.
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