Stuff to save up for/buy:

  • Clubbing outfit
  • Stereo cable for the piano
  • A hoodie
  • New schoolbag for uni :O
  • Hairties and a headband
  • Shampoo & conditioner (Fructis: Silky Waves)
  • Sunglasses (I lost my old ones -_-)
  • The cute tops I saw at JayJays and Ice
  • USB (can get a free one at uni orientation day)
  • External harddrive
  • Hair dye
  • Shaving cream/shaver or hair removal cream
  • Multitrip bus ticket
  • iPhone... someday... :(


  • Give the pug a bath, give him the flea treatments and vacuum the shit out of the house.
  • Apply for jobs (maccas, kfc, drakes foodland)
  • Go to uni before orientation day to receive student ID card and study grant for books
  • Listen the crap out of Death Cab's new album "Codes and Keys" before their live show on the 20th!
  • Give back Naomi's alcohol (Alize') and Tom's damn book
  • Lose weight, ya bastard. Stop eating so much junk food!
feb 16 2012 ∞
aug 6 2012 +