• deposit bank cheque
  • pick up pay from Linda
  • hang my new clipboard on my wall
  • make a weekly schedule
  • write a letter/send mix CD to mariah via FedEx... somehow
  • call jade and organise gym sessions
  • de-hair your legs, armpits and downstairs
  • dye your hair
  • drop off harry's laptop to Happy Computers
  • contact sonia and organise a time to buy her snake starter kit + see her snake!
  • book a doc appointment for mental health check-up with GP
  • check diary for next psychologist appointment... re-book if i have missed it :/
  • send in tafe application for 2013 courses
  • start walking max consistently again
  • find a better place to hide my smelly smelly weed and billy
oct 4 2012 ∞
oct 4 2012 +