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  • aeroports
  • buying a new book
  • compliments from who you wanted to compliment you (i don't really care about compliments from someone i don't give a fuck about, when i'm needy, i don't want anyone to comfort me.)
  • concerts
  • going to the gym when you're angry
  • good grades
  • good morning texts
  • long hugs
  • massages
  • milkshakes
  • seeing someone you really missed
  • silence with someone you're comfortable with
  • sitting on the cold floor
  • sleep/read with a cat on your feet
  • sleeping
  • talking to your best friend
  • touching someone (like, your knees, elbows, ugh it's so good)
  • waking up and not having anything to do
  • waking up before the alarm goes off
  • watch a movie on winter with blankets
  • watching a sunset with someone
jan 22 2013 ∞
jun 4 2013 +