• I should be studying.
  • I knit (or at least, I try).
  • my appartment looks like a 3rd grade classroom.
    • if you met my roommate and me, you'd understand.
  • "it's real for us."
  • looking at house plans is one of my favorite hobbies.
  • I love flowers and butterflies, but I love birds even more.
    • sometimes hearing birds sing make me feel better, like everything makes sense.
  • nature inspires me.
  • I love indie pop mostly, but also bits of indie rock, indie folk, classical, soundtracks, big band, classic rock and 80's pop.
  • I'm trying to be a doctor. it may or may not be working.
  • Christmas lights make me unbearably happy.
  • Santa Claus and Helga Hufflepuff inspire me.
  • Big Fish and Le fabuleux destin d'Amélie Poulain are my favorite films.
  • when SoKo sings, "I will never love you more than peanut butter," I absolutely and completely understand how she feels.
nov 13 2011 ∞
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