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  • only wears red, plaid, white, black and brown
  • shortens his beard in the summer, but hasn't shaved in 30 years
  • is overweight in a teddy-bear kind of way
  • wakes up early to feed the reindeer
  • cooks delicious spaghetti sauce
  • makes breakfast-in-bed for mother Christmas every now and then
  • goes to Brazil for New Year's
  • loves aviator sunglasses
  • won't admit he likes Elton John, Paul McCartney and John Lennon
  • jives surprisingly well
  • can call birds
  • prefers bow-ties
  • isn't cranky. except when mother Christmas makes salad for lunch.
  • vents his frustrations by painting his sleigh
  • knows mother Christmas knits yellow socks when she's sad, and reads The Chronicles of Narnia when she's extra sad
  • knows mother Christmas needs him to take her ice-skate to make her happy again
  • can't ice-skate to save his life
  • loves apple cinnamon tea
  • sings all the time, Christmas classics and 70's pop
  • builds quirky snowmen with elves on their breaks
  • ices his gingerbread people to look like John and Yoko (he can't help it)
  • paints his locomotives to look like the Hogwarts Express when he's sad, and bakes peanut butter cookies when he's extra sad
  • is happy when mother Christmas plays La fille aux cheveux de lin on the piano
  • would be a math teacher if he wasn't santa

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image: ~Leesa

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