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  • wears mostly pastel colors: green, beige, pink, gray, and blue
  • changes her haircut every few months. sometimes her hair is chin-length, sometimes it is set in a loose bun.
  • is plump in all the right places
  • always ends up with flour on her cheeks in some way or another
  • loves cat-eye sunglasses
  • listens to Joni Mitchell, Simon & Garfunkel and Regina Spektor
  • never laughs at father Christmas's horrible music taste
  • trips all the time, except when she dances
  • pays the reindeer secret visits (to feed them apples, their favorites)
  • has never lost a game of Scrabble in her life
  • knows wildflowers by their names, and flower-presses as a hobby
  • loves garden salad and blueberry pancakes
  • cries easily (about once a month)
  • knows father Christmas paints his locomotives to look like the Hogwarts Express when he's sad, and bakes peanut butter cookies when he's extra sad
  • knows father Christmas needs her to play La fille aux cheveux de lin on the piano to make him happy again
  • is a wonderful piano player, but avoids playing for it reminds her of unhappy things
  • brews delicious home-made peppermint tea
  • takes care of the Christmas lights because she knows father Christmas dislikes ladders
  • goes on strange obsessive pie-making phases every once in a while
  • loves Comet more than other reindeer. just because.
  • adores summer, almost more than she loves father Christmas
  • loves only Christmas, ice-skating and hot cocoa about winter
  • knits yellow socks when she's sad, and reads The Chronicles of Narnia when she's extra sad
  • needs father Christmas to take her ice-skating to make her happy again
  • would be a doctor if she wasn't mrs. claus.

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