• cook something new every week.
  • visit a new spot every week.
  • go to the botanical garden before all the leaves die. bring Holga.
  • master the art of slow cooking (esp. spaghetti sauce and chili).
  • find a knitting club or a book club.
  • take a yoga class.
  • sweat every day.
  • keep writing.
  • do the dishes every day.
  • have at least one social activity every week.
  • smile and ask questions.
  • find a favourite of each: cafĂ©, second-hand bookstore, second-hand clothing store, cinema, museum, park, restaurant, pub/bar.
  • find a favourite market and go at least once every two weeks.
  • start looking for a summer job in my field.
  • study in advance. be organised.
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