• danmei twitter, i talk about scum villain the most
  • lately i've been on here more often than my personal so expect daily life/mobage tweets haha
  • following exr's mdzs tls, suika's tgcf tls and bcn's sv tls, will quote/cap as i livetweet
  • untagged NSFW tweets, i usually try not to RT explicit NSFW images that aren't censored/behind a privatter link
  • don't follow if you're under 18
  • don't interact with NSFW tweets if you're under 18, seriously
  • feel free to reply to my tweets, i love talking to people!! i try to at least like replies but i sometimes miss them in my notifs, so i'm sorry in advance
  • i'm more likely to follow back if we have a lot of mutuals in common
jan 14 2019 ∞
mar 16 2019 +


  • MOSHANG!!!!!!!!!!, bingqiu, bingjiu, lbh/mbj (shoutout to bingge/og!mbj), cucumberplane, actually just any combo of bingqiumoshang lol, 79, liufang, liushen


  • huaicheng, songxiao, all combinations of 3zun, zhuiyi, wangxian


  • hualian, shuangxuan, fx/mq, tumor ot3
jan 14 2019 ∞
mar 16 2019 +