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Happy 19th Birthday, Matthew.

c. follows:

There is this man I met online

He said hi, little did I know then that he’d be mine

He’s good, he’s kind

in our roleplay he made our hands intertwine

There were no pictures, but a vague description and his name

A name that now I adore and sets my heart and soul in flame

His name’s not unique, but to me it is,

As it brings me wonder and in pure bliss

It’s not just the name, but the person who owns it

through his words, I’ve grown to like him bit by bit

until “like” wasn’t the right word to address

the feelings I’ve had for him that I didn’t know I’d express

This man one day sang a song I knew

The song I adored was called “Love Like You”

It was first familiar, and then it rang,

“I could even learn how to love like you,” then I sang

There is a man I met online

we shared the same interests, that was a sign

A sign that we belong

That in each other’s arms, we’ll be strong

One time he told me his hardships

Never have I ever related to someone as much

I wished I was there, I wish I was there to kiss his lips

I wish I was there to hug him, I wish I could do as such

One day we decided to see each other

I was really surprised that we’d take things further

but in the end I didn’t mind

his black cap was one amusing thing that I find

His long black hair framed his face

that’s one thing that made my heart race

His voice is pleasing, his accent is nice

He’s perfect in my eyes

There is this man I met online

He always puts me on cloud nine

through words and action

Though all those things, he gives me satisfaction

There is this man I met online

He’s good, he’s kind,

He’s my valentine

Not just today because he’s mine

feb 13 2018 ∞
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