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Niko follows:

i've made the decision to have my current pronouns be a complete lack of pronouns, but that's not something that's really encountered a whole lot, so here's a little guide to help you out!

here's some examples!

  • hey, aren't those books niko's? you should probably give them back, niko might need them later.
  • niko's usually here by now, i hope everything's okay.
  • do you think niko might be able to come with us? might be busy.

so as you can see, you can just use my name in place of the pronouns, or just kinda restructure the sentence to not have as many pronouns in it. but what happens if you get a sentence where i'm referred to in "-self" form? well, you could either change the sentence so that isn't a problem, or just use 'itself', i don't mind!

other notes:

  • yes you can still use words like 'you' and 'yourself' when talking to me! that'd just be strange!
  • i know it's gonna sound like you're overusing my name but honestly i like being called it anyway so i don't mind at all even if it's kinda redundant
  • female titles like "sister" and such are okay if there isn't a good neutral one!
  • for honorifics, like mr., ms., mx., etc., you can just use whatever! 日本語で何もOKです!
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