• Paint/decorate the coffee table
  • go to the Zoo
  • go to Disneyland
  • attempt to snowboard in Big Bear
  • go dancing
  • perfect our British accents and increase the use of the word "bloody" in our vocabulary
  • clean Heath's tank
  • organize/unpack Alyssa's desk
  • replace default pictures with real pictures in Kristin's jewelry box
  • repair Alyssa's bike
  • explore the forests of San Diego, searching for a vampire/lover
  • go ice-skating
  • go shopping with the money we don't have/potential Christmas money
  • start fulfilling our list of places to eat
  • find/create a cover for the TV stand
  • build a magnificent fort in our living room
dec 7 2008 ∞
jan 9 2009 +