• Generally, I like HL Ships more than BL/GL ships, but as long as your ships don't leave complicated or negative feelings to me, I won't snap at your liking.
  • There are some BL/GL ships that I like, the majority are in a platonic way and even when I like the romantic content, It is mostly because of their heartwarming or comedic/memetic purpose rather than intimate or sexual
  • I don't mind the gender bend and reverse of a ship (order/position aren't important), but against MPREG/ABO verse depictions
  • I will divide ships I like as OTPs and ships I like, with OTPs are ships I like stronger than just ships I like, and strongly shipping them romantically. Ships I like are always platonic (I don't mind the romantic depiction). except HL ships listed there which can also interpreted as romantic but not as strong as OTPs
  • NOTPs which are listed below are ships that I feel uncomfortable talking about, even in a platonic way, so I appreciate you for not talking about them in front of/beside me


  • sakyoizu (A3!)
  • gakutsumu (Idolish7)
  • ibaan (Enstars)

Ships I like

  • marshmugi (A3!)
  • tsuzukazu (A3!)
  • torikasa (Enstars)
  • any trickstar x anzu (Enstars)
  • nagimitsu(Idolish7)
  • tamaio (Idolish7)
  • Trigger Ships (Idolish7)
  • shokuheshi (Touken Ranbu)
  • tsuruichi (Touken Ranbu)
  • kenryo (Tsukipro)
  • yoruaka (Tsukiuta)
  • youyoru (Tsukiuta)
  • hajiharu (Tsukiuta)
  • kaiharu (Tsukiuta)


  • any huge age gap and Incest ships
  • anzu ships with Knights and Alkakurei (Enstars)
  • izumako (Enstars)
  • masuizu (A3!)
  • hajishun (Tsukiuta)
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